What’s Hiding In Your Air Ducts?

How clean is the air in your home? Probably not as clean as you think.

What’s hiding in Your Air Ducts?

Over extended periods of time, your air ducts can be ridden with dust, mold, and even rodents. If you are like most that do not see these as major problems, think again.

Do you think these are nuisances rather than problems? Here are a few stipulations you may be thinking.

“What’s the harm in a little dust?”

Just a little dust? In an average sized home of around 1,600 square feet, over 40 POUNDS of dust accumulates per year! You may think dust is just an inconvenience, when in reality, it can cause harm to your health. Here is what is lurking in over 40 pounds of dust in your home:

  • Dust Mite Feces
  • Dead Skin Particles
  • Cockroach Particles
  • Arsenic and Lead

These elements can cause common colds, allergies and other respiratory problems.

“I Don’t See Any Mold”

Mold can grow on the inside of your ducts and even in the interior of walls in your home. Mold develops when there is a leak or excessive moisture is present. If your air conditioning or heating unit is frequently used, you are more susceptible to average wear. This can cause a leak. Usually, you only know if you have a leak or mold until you see it. Here are some common signs that you have mold in your ducts or home:

  • Musty or stale odor when unit is on
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Appearance of mold

If you notice any of these common symptoms in your home, it is important to contact a professional right away. Mold rapidly produces spores that can quickly spread throughout the home with the use of air conditioning units.

“There Can’t Be Rodents In My Air Ducts.”

Unfortunately, there can.  No matter how clean your home may be, rodents can still pose a problem. Mice and rats find shelter in heating and cooling air ducts. They also use them to access other spaces in your home.

Mice and rats may be cute, but they can carry diseases and leave droppings that can harm your health. Some of the most common diseases that rodents carry are:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Ticks
  • Bacterial and Viral Infections, and more

These diseases can be easily transferred to you. When rodents live in your air ducts, they leave behind feces. When you breathe in dust that is contaminated with rodent urine and droppings, you can easily become susceptible to harmful diseases.

“How Can I Avoid These Problems?”

The easiest solution to save you from the harmful effects of dust, mold, and rodents is to have your air ducts regularly cleaned. Not only will your HVAC systems run better, but you will also live better. If you have noticed any of the symptoms above, contact a professional. They will be able to safely remove or treat contaminated or damaged areas.

When you have had your air ducts professionally cleaned, you can keep them clean longer by:

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