Good Plumbing Doesn’t Always Call For Chemicals

Avoid Harsh Chemicals For Your Plumbing Health

There aren’t many worse things than a major plumbing issue. And they only pop up at the worst possible times. Clogged drains are one of the most popular problems to arise when company comes over or you’re about to leave town for the weekend. One of the easiest solutions (and the most highly marketed one, at that) is to get a chemical drain cleaner and simply pour it down the drain. But did you know you’re really just pouring your money down the drain? Or worse, actually, since the toxins and chemicals can do far more harm than good to your plumbing? Here are a few details about harsh chemicals and your plumbing health.

Chemicals Harm Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners come in crystal, gel, foam, liquid, and powder forms, but they all work the same basic way. When you put the chemicals in your drain, they react with the clog and generate heat, which can help dissolve or liquify whatever is in the way. However, the heat that is generated from this chemical reaction will work on the clogging item, but also the pipes if they are made of plastic or old metal. Drain cleaners are convenient and easy to find, but they can lay out bigger problems for you in the future.

Alternatives To Chemical Cleaners

There are several options you can use to try to clear your clogs instead of harsh chemicals and they are just as easy and convenient. Mix up a vinegar and baking soda concoction to use as a natural cleaning product. Pour them over the clogged drain and let them fizz. Let them sit overnight and then flush the drain out with water. You can also try boiling hot water and mixing in a couple of tablespoons of dish soap. Pour that mixture into the drain. The hot water will loosen the clog while the soap could help it slide down the drain.

Homemade Remedies Don’t Always Help

No matter what natural remedies you try, you might find that they don’t always help. When they don’t do the trick, don’t rush out and buy a chemical cleaner. That will only make things worse—either now or in the future. Instead, it’s best to contact your plumber. They have snake cleaners that can clear the clog with ease. They’ll also likely be able to tell you what caused the clog so you can avoid future problems by changing your own habits.

Find Plumbing Help Quickly

Clogs aren’t always emergencies, but sometimes, they cause backups that are. Even if they aren’t dire, you want them cleared up quickly. For the tough clogs that need attention right away to the minor, annoying clogs you just want to go away, contact the professionals at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We have an emergency line for true emergencies, or you can call during business hours and we’ll get to your clog as soon as possible. With plumbing experts on your side, your pipes will be back in working order quickly.

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