Problems With The Kitchen Sink That Plumbers Can Address

Getting A Plumber To Help With Kitchen Duties

While your kids might groan when you ask them to help with chores in the kitchen, the plumber will be at your beck and call. Okay, so you don’t hire them to wash the dishes, but they can address problems you might have with your kitchen sink. You use that sink on a daily basis for a variety of reasons and if something isn’t working, it’s important to get it back into shape. Here are some of the things the plumber can do for your kitchen sink.

Help Slow Drains

One of the biggest issues plumbers see in relation to the kitchen sink is a drain that is operating too slowly. You likely have a clog somewhere in your pipe that is causing water to drain more slowly than before. You might have a complete clog eventually that will force water back up so it’s better to get rid of the problem right away. Your plumber will tell you not to put oil and grease down your drain, which can create clogs. If you can’t fix the draining issue with a sink plunger, call a plumber for help.

Restore Water Pressure

You notice low water pressure right away in the shower, but it’s a big nuisance when you can’t even rinse a dish with any water power. The water main in your neighborhood might have an issue, but it’s more likely you have a leak somewhere else in your house that is taking the water pressure away from your sink. The aerator on the sink itself could be malfunctioning as well. Before you panic and start taking dishes to the bathroom for rinsing, call a plumber to get the issue resolved.

Dry Up Leaky Faucets

That leaky faucet sound can be downright annoying and even though it’s just one random drip, it can add up to gallons of water—that you have to pay for. There’s no need to waste water when you can have the leak repaired. If you’re able to tighten the faucet yourself, try that first. If that doesn’t help, a professional plumber can take care of the job for you.

Curing The Drain Line

Your garbage disposal could cause issues with your drain line and you know it’s never safe to mess with that appliance yourself. Don’t bother with liquid drain cleaners because their harsh chemicals can actually damage pipes instead of clear clogs. Call the plumber to get the kitchen sink back in working order as fast as possible.

Enjoying Your Kitchen Sink Again With A Plumber’s Help

Once the plumber is done with your kitchen sink, you can go back to taking the area for granted. You’ll likely appreciate it a lot more than you used to since you remember what life was like when it was out of commission. If you need repair help for your kitchen sink, contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Whether you have one of the above problems or something else, we’re here to help.

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