Signs That A Sump Pump Is A Good Idea

Talking Yourself Into A Sump Pump

If you just finished off your basement, or you use that space for a lot of storage, you may want to think about what would happen to that area of your home if water backed up into the home. Water restoration can be very expensive, and, in the meantime, you have a huge mess on your hands. There are some items that you might store in the basement that simply can’t be replaced. These emergency situations could be circumvented by installing a sump pump. Do You need one? These signs tell you that yes, it might be a good idea for your home.

Sign 1: Your Basement Flooded In The Past

If you live in a flood zone or had too much rain that caused a flooding issue in your basement, it’s a good idea to get a sump pump installed before you have another problem. If it happened once, it can certainly happen again.

Sign 2: Your Soil Readily Traps Water

If your live in a low-lying area that is very flat, you’re more likely to see water in your basement. When the soil traps the water instead of allowing it to flow away for your house, getting a sump pump can help you avoid disaster.

Sign 3: You Get A Lot Of Rain

If there have been years when you wonder if it’ll ever stop raining, having a sump pump can give you peace of mind that even when the rain falls in plentiful quantities, your basement will stay nice and dry.

Sign 4: Your Basement Has Costly Items

If you finished your basement so you could install a projector and create a movie room or if you have a pool table or other costly items down there, you’ll want to protect them from water damage and the mold growth that can come after a flooding situation. Sump pumps can protect your investment with just a little bit more investment.

Sign 5: Your Sump Pump Is Old

If you have a sump pump that is a decade old or older, it’s time to replace it. You know you need one and they usually only last 10 years. When that time is up, get a new one before you have a water issue your old pump can’t handle.

Choosing A Sump Pump

There are two types of sump pump available and your plumber can help you decide which is best for your home. The pedestal type has a motor that is mounted above the sump. It’s more visible to your home, but easier to get to for servicing as well. This option is cost-effective but doesn’t last as long as the other choice. The alternative is a submersible sump pump, which has a motor mounted inside the sump. Visually, it’s more appealing and it’s nice and safe if there are children around, but it makes the pump hard to reach. While it lasts longer, it costs more upfront as well. The professionals at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with your options and the installation process.

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