How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality can have negative effects on your health. It can cause irritation in the eyes and throat, headaches, and in serious cases, respiratory illnesses, and even cancer. To keep everyone in your household safe from indoor pollutants, we have listed some ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home below. 

Clean Your Home Often

It is important to clean your home often in order to prevent allergens and indoor pollutants from lingering. We recommend vacuuming your floors every week, dusting with a microfiber cloth, washing rugs and curtains, removing clutter that is most likely collecting dust, washing bedding frequently, and more. 

Shower After Spending Time Outdoors

Outdoor pollutants, like environmental allergens, can make their way into your home after spending time outside. To stop pollen from affecting your air quality, it is important to shower as well as wash your clothes in a timely manner. 

Monitor Humidity

Humidity refers to water vapor in the air. When there is too much humidity, it increases the presence of mold, mildew, and insects in your home. Humidity can also damage furniture. To eliminate and or reduce the moisture, it is a good idea to purchase a dehumidifier. In high moisture areas, you should also make sure there is proper ventilation.

Avoid Smoking

Many people are exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes by a loved one or someone they know. To have better indoor air quality and reduce the risk of serious health problems, we recommend having a smoke-free home. 

Purchase Indoor Plants

Plants do, in fact, help better the air! Not only are they a great addition to your home’s interior decor, they are also natural air filters. They remove contaminants from the air as well as increase oxygen levels. Some plants we recommend purchasing include gerbera daisies, spider plants, aloe vera, ferns, ficus trees, and peace lilies. 

Clean Dirty Air Ducts

The purpose of air conditioning systems is to improve air quality and comfort while also preventing hazardous molds from spreading. Unfortunately, if they are not properly maintained and cleaned, dirt, dust, and other contaminants will accumulate and affect the quality of air that circulates throughout your home. Not only do dirty air ducts impact your health, but they also increase your monthly energy bill as it is harder for the system to function. Stephens would be more than happy to help you clean your air ducts to restore proper air quality for you and your loved ones. 

Stay Healthy and Comfortable With Indoor Air Quality Services From Stephens

At Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, your health and safety is very important to us. We proudly offer air quality services so that you and your family can breathe in clean air. From humidifiers and dehumidifiers to thermostats and air ducts, you can trust that our experienced and skilled technicians will provide you with expert work and friendly service. As the summer months approach, it is time to keep your home both cool and clean. If you do not have an air conditioning system installed, we can help you choose the best type for your home and lifestyle and properly install it for you. Our team also can serve you with air conditioning repair, replacement, and maintenance. Improve your air quality today by scheduling an appointment with Stephens!